If music be the food of Love... play on” - William Shakespeare


#1996KindaLove - EP

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Tonya Nicole

Tonya Nicole is an American Singer/Songwriter/Actress. She is small in stature, but her voice and energy on stage packs a mighty punch.  This South Carolina native shows vocal range and versatility with her gorgeous, warm lows, soulful, melodic highs, blended with a smooth southern tone & texture which comforts the soul like soul food. Tonya Nicole infuses her love and appreciation of different genres, such as R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Gospel music, and blends it with her love of storytelling.  From growing up as a PK (preacher's kid) and singing in her father's church in the south, to now being a mother and wife of 20 years, an actress and educator, she's able to dig deep as a writer and create songs that narrate and explore all aspects of life.  Her favorite topic to indulge in is love, of course.

February 2021, Tonya Nicole hit the music scene with her first debut single LIMBO and later followed that single up with an instant summertime classic, COTTON CANDY in August of 2021. Her EP #1996KindaLove debuted in March of 2022.  The 1st single "You Got Me" featuring Manny Houston was an instant classic, bridging the world of R&B, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

Tonya can be found performing mainly in South Carolina, with hopes of hitting the road soon. Her live performances leaves you feeling like you've just been fully revived and restored. Be on the look out for upcoming dates.

For bookings, contact: TonyaNicoleSings@gmail.com

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